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How freaking cool..! They kept my feet dry all day. Really smart design & functionality! "

Chrissy, NSW, Australia.

So comfortable and really minimised the smell"

Christine, QLD, Australia.

I like that you can wash & reuse them, they stop my feet sticking to my shoe and sweating"

Mary, QLD, Australia.
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Why you'll love them

Invisible inside your shoe

Unlike no show socks or sockettes, Innersocks won't move and become visible during the day. They sit inside your shoe and can't be seen... we know confidence comes from the inside! 


Stop your feet & shoes smelling

We hear you... Foot odour can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing thing. Innersocks will help stop foot odour and make sure you're not afraid to take your shoes off at the end of the day. 


Easy machine wash & dry

Like socks, Innersocks are designed to be worn and washed daily. We know how busy life can get so thats why we've made sure they are 100% machine washable & dryer friendly. Easy!